Spirit Outfits for Football Games

The whole of Germany is in EM Fever: While men primarily focus on the football matches and their favorite beverage, is for many women a very different thing important: the right fan outfit. Cathy Hummels (28), wife of international Mats Hummels 0(27), has now made the European Championship as an opportunity to boost her career as a designer. In collaboration with eBay, she designed a lucky shirt. What’s behind it, she reveals in an interview with the news agency on spot news.

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May 15, 2017

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What to look for When Buying Soccer Shoes

It’s not the color, and mark football boot which can prevent injuries. It is precisely the only and fit that can reduce the risk of injury during a football game.Decide what will be played for the substrate and then making the choice of shoes with the right foot sole. Now it seems that the selection of soccer cleats are determined by trade. If it’s just a Messi or van Basten then it is good, but what really matters is the natural fit and the right choice of the sole. In particular, the number of studs and includes also the length thereof, in combination with the substrate, or there for the right footwear.

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October 20, 2016

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How to Maintain a Football

Many people do not know how to clean their best football after a workout or competition. Often they take the wrong shoes that go significantly faster than broken when they should be treated with care. Moreover, many football boots are quite expensive, so it is a shame that they are easily broken. How can you now maintain the best?

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October 13, 2016

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