Gorgeous Lace Dresses for Maid of Honor

Let’s check out the main trends of fashion 2015, when the subject is dressed as lace for godmother. And taking some colors like the white that is exclusive to the bride and the black that is very sad for the occasion, there are many colors, which can guarantee a look simply beautiful, elegant and super charming.

And in the color chart you can see models such as blue, green, red, metallic, which are the ones that appear the most in fashion shows 2015. Continue reading Gorgeous Lace Dresses for Maid of Honor

September 14, 2017

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Bohemian Summer Dresses

Jessica Alba, Poppy Delevingne or Taylor Swift: this summer, the stars are banking on the Bohemian look. The star of the dressing is still the dress. Recognizable thanks to its oversized print, she is quick to put on and joins all your favorite accessories. That’s exactly what you need to run the last Festival or join your friends on the terrace!

Bohemian dress: stylish with ease

The Bohemian look meets some codes, including with regard to print. These, often in warm tones, are meant to tie and dye, cashmere, flowery or same patchwork. The details are also important: laces, pompons, fringes will make all the difference.

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October 29, 2016

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2016 Spring Summer Trends Vogue

The right time to examine trends spring-summer 2016. A summary of 10 key pieces of the season.

1- The Stripes

It is perhaps already a classic in your wardrobe, but scratches still come back strong this year. It’s simple, almost all creators incorporated them in their collection, Ralph Lauren Giorgio Armani through Alexander Wang. If a black and white sailor could very well do the trick, multicolored stripes (as Chloe) are ultra-trendy.

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October 23, 2016

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San Remo Music Festival

In the fourth evening of Sanremo 2016, fashion is big hero through the look sported by women on the stage of the Ariston theater. All the singers in the competition aimed to impress, choose classic or more extravagant look, but like every night are the costume changes Madalina Ghenea to attract the attention, and a little ‘surprise, even those of fellow Virginia Raffaele. Continue reading San Remo Music Festival

October 22, 2016

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Summer Festival Fashion Tips 2016

Every year it’s the same thing because they just listen outdoor indie groups, festival feel compelled to dress as if they were reliving Woodstock, freshness and spontaneity and less. The 2016 edition of Coachella will do probably no exception. While waiting to discover the worst fashion faux pas this year, return on 10 looks not jojos Etrennes previous years the festival by California Stars.

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October 18, 2016

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Spring 2016 Women’s Fashion Trends

OK, it is completely fashion victims and was mocked for years bathrobe coat our mom (before biting him fresh for this winter again become terribly trend), but there are limits. Here are five modesques aberrations that have decided to resurface in 2016 and we refuse outright to take ownership.

The Very Large Mesh

As we learned our lesson of autumn-winter 2016-2017 trends, we know that the large mesh is at the top. Only it is also known as Lenny Kravitz and his wool blanket are once again the laughing stock of Twitter (just a few years, if our memory serves, it was already the same thing because of his poncho). The mesh, so we will wear as usual, a human scale.

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October 16, 2016

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How to Maintain a Football

Many people do not know how to clean their best football after a workout or competition. Often they take the wrong shoes that go significantly faster than broken when they should be treated with care. Moreover, many football boots are quite expensive, so it is a shame that they are easily broken. How can you now maintain the best?

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October 13, 2016

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OVS Curvyglam Clothes Collection

Smart, lovely and magic: it is the spirit of the new Curvyglam line by OVS, a collection of garments to embrace all forms of femininity.

Fashion is not made ​​by sizes, centimeters and numbers, but fashion is something that affects all women and therefore must be able to embrace all kinds of femininity: this is the idea that animates the autumn-winter 2015 collection/2016 Curvyglam OVS, the line curvy where what matters are not the measures, but the pursuit of fashion.

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October 9, 2016

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Wedding Dresses Miss R

Miss R become Madam? The time of a collection, ‘tell me yes’, it’s official: she’s put the ring on the finger. La Redoute stylists have designed three outfits to get married, three opportunities for all future Madame dream in white… without breaking.

Brides and brides-to-be know: find the perfect dress is not an easy task. The price, style, cut, that’s the equation to solve for this garment that symbolizes perfection and the happiness of the day J.

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October 8, 2016

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Versace Gladiator Heels

Donatella Versace took to the catwalk at Milan fashion week with its amazing collection of women’s fashion for next spring-summer 2013. On the third day of the Festival fashion, that will keep us company for a few more days with its catwalks and glamour, Italian fashion label Versace also took part in the show with a series of creations that will rock the fashionistas throat. True to the Dna of the brand Versace, the Italian fashion designer has created personalized garments for a woman of strength and tenacity, which does not follow the judgements of people and follows his way without losing sight of his goal. A woman like Donatella Versace, really!

The Medusa fashion brand had already expressed on two occasions about next season’s hot trends. For example, the unforgettable Versace 2013 Resort collection, rich in glamorous look and clearly rock, inspired by 1980s inevitably to those who return to fashion in the coming cold months. Below a small taste of this special collection. Continue reading Versace Gladiator Heels

October 2, 2016

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