New Generation of Smart Watches from Lg

LG is preparing the arrival of two new smart watches later this month, the Watch Style and Watch Sport.These two will hit the market with several new features, the first one aimed at the public looking for a visual-focused device and the second for those who want a watch to help with physical activity .Now a new rumor suggests that they will be announced along with the final version of Android Wear 2.0 later this week. Continue reading New Generation of Smart Watches from Lg

September 21, 2017

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Intel Mica Smart Watch

Intel enters the market for wearables with Mica, a smart bracelet premium finishes and materials

Undoubtedly, wearables and more specifically the smartwatch will be one of the best sellers this Christmas technological devices. Most manufacturers have already submitted their bet on this new technology category, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Microsoft and even Intel. Yes, as we hear, the company popularly known as one of the largest manufacturers of processors in the world also wants its piece of cake.

Continue reading Intel Mica Smart Watch

October 3, 2016

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LG Delivers “Knock-Feature” by Default in the Future

Future update after new year brings smart alarm from LG G2 to the entire company’s L-Series.

The critically acclaimed Android smartphone LG G2, was introduced with the chic “KnockON” feature by a double-tap on the screen, can wake your phone without using physical buttons.

LG has in a press report that said the feature, which now goes by the name “Knock”, delivers as a standard feature for their upcoming mobiles in the future. In addition, it will be their current L-Series smartphones updated with function in January. It writes our site.

As a starting point it can seem foolish to place essential buttons on the back, so the operation cannot take place when the phone is on the table. However, it is not the case when the details are carefully considered, as with this “Knock” feature from LG.


April 23, 2016

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8-core LG Chip Tested for the First Time-and Delivers Surprisingly Low Results.

LG’s upcoming Odin octa-core has been testing in Antutu, but find it hard to keep up with the class dukser.

It is now common knowledge through the last year that LG is working on an octa-core chip. The question is whether the processor is ready to offer Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and Samsung Exynos 5 up to dance.

LG’s first high-end SoC (System on Chip) is expected to take advantage of ARMs big. LITTLE architecture. The system consists of 4 small and 4 large real processor cores, where the big-cylinder, but also more power hungry cores is activated only by heavy loads. Continue reading 8-core LG Chip Tested for the First Time-and Delivers Surprisingly Low Results.

April 20, 2016

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Rumor: Upcoming LG Flagship Will Have Fingerprint Sensor

Tech company LG seems to work on the fingerprint sensor in the upcoming LG G3 launch in 2014.

The rumor mill has started in earnest, and LG are now once again in the firing line with their alleged, upcoming LG G3, as we have previously mentioned due to leaked specifications.

Now LG reportedly had to be in full swing, with testing a special prototype of their upcoming flagship phone with built-in fingerprint sensor. It writes our site.

However, the actual reader should be implemented as a “swipe fingerprint sensor” where you run your finger across the sensor’en, and thereby duck from iPhones “Touch ID” where you just place your finger on the sensor.

It would confirm that LG have not had the opportunity to imitate the technology that Apple has taken out a patent on the purchase of the company AuthenTec.

So far, we still have to hear more about LG’s upcoming topmobil to February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


April 5, 2016

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Now You Can Soon Write SMS with Appliances from LG

The forthcoming CES exhibition offers communicating appliances from LG company talking together via messenger app.

We have previously referred to intelligent electronics on our site, and in this context seen on LG’s smart vacuum cleaner with built-in camera and app functionality.
Now LG has in a press release stated that the upcoming series of white goods from giant, will have a built-in “HomeChat” function that allows the user to communicate via Line-the app that is already used by 310 million people. It writes our site. Continue reading Now You Can Soon Write SMS with Appliances from LG

March 28, 2016

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) In The Camera Test: Better Than Galaxy S6 And LG G4?

The S7 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S7 edge Samsung followed not the trend towards more and more megapixels, but has reduced the resolution of the camera compared to the predecessor. Less megapixels, which have become larger, is the recipe with the the already very good image quality of the Galaxy S6 should be trumps. We compare the cameras of both Galaxy smartphones. The LG G4 may talk to a Word as a top camera smartphone by 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) in the first hands-on

The specs first: Samsung has the Galaxy S7 reduces resolution from 16 to 12 megapixel and made larger each pixel on the sensor. They are now 1.4 µm in size, and have each two photodiodes. So, they will absorb more light and to provide better image quality. On f1. 7 larger aperture – at the Galaxy S6 was still an f1. 9-Panel – is a further guarantee that more light onto the sensor falls. The lens protrudes less than with the S6 at the S7 with 0.46 millimetres.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) In The Camera Test Better Than Galaxy S6 And LG G41

Less Resolution, Improved Operation And RAW Files

In the camera app, I have discovered even more changes. Not all are as obvious as the fact that the Galaxy S7 in the highest resolution photos in 4:3-format supplies, while at the Galaxy S6 of the 16:9 format was. So you can select the resolution of the photos at the S7 now directly via the quick settings at the top of the image. The path in the settings is no longer needed for this purpose. Samsung tries to counter the live photos from Apple with the absorption of movement. Activate this option in the settings, the Smartphone before each photo takes a three-second video clip. Although there are occasional events for this function, it – I am not convinced even when the iPhone does not. If I want to see moving images, I record a video. Also, I’m afraid that through the absorption of movement battery life suffers greatly, as the camera films Yes at all times and three seconds must picture material in the memory buffers.

With the video collage and Hyperlapse, the Galaxy S7 has two new shooting modes. The latter replaced however the time lapse recording from the Galaxy S6 – followed but the same, only slightly different principle and allows less post-processing. Who like to manually revise all picture-taking settings per mode, can look forward. Samsung lets you select now the shutter speed directly from the quick settings on the recording screen.

In the camera menu of the Galaxy S7 I have yet discovered the option ‘Save as RAW file’. She can be activated only if you have selected the Pro mode and make sure that you always have two photos: one in JPEG format, and a second in a undisclosed RAW format, which can be later better edit on the computer.

The resolution of the Selfie camera on the front is unchanged at five Megapixels. But a small improvement can the Galaxy S7 also here present: the Smartphone now has a flash light for self portraits. With the “wide Selfie” function the recording angle of 120 degrees – grown ideal for Selfies with several people. This Samsung has deleted the gesture control. So, you can trigger Selfie recording in the future by keeping a Palm in the camera.

The Image Quality

The Galaxy S7 has a very good camera. Detailed look at some points but notes that in part the Galaxy S6 or also the LG G4 are better. For this, the current flagship elsewhere again collects points. Colors appear such as the S6 a tiny little gesättigter due to the higher resolution work the recordings detail, but not are it. In comparison, the G4 has color and sharpness slightly duller than the two Galaxys.

The S7 copes well with strong contrasts, however, the Galaxy S6 in dark areas is something more detailed. The G4 provides the best overall result in my eyes. In the HDR mode, all three smartphones significantly lighten the dark areas, not overdo it but, with the colors in the G4 natural look a tad bit. Close-up, it is clear that the focus range of S7 through the larger aperture is slightly smaller than in the first.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) In The Camera Test Better Than Galaxy S6 And LG G4

In low light and at night the larger pixels and the larger aperture of the Galaxy S7 become noticeable. Here is one again a clear increase in quality compared to the photos of last year’s two flagships to recognize where here the G4 once again ahead of the S6.

The Selfies I can see no difference between the Galaxy S7 and S6 – unless I turn the flashlight in the dark. Anything else would have been too weird given the identical camera. You can send the self portraits without any concerns. While decreases the accuracy of detail, if you look at them in their original size, but to do so only very rarely on Selfies. However, I like the Selfie of the LG G4 color better and offers even a slightly higher attention to detail. This is mirrored our sample photo, is only because I forget had to activate the rotation in the app.

Bottom Line: Still A Very Good Camera

The Galaxy S7 has a very good camera, which raises not only quickly, but has also a very fast auto focus. Reducing the resolution is not noticeable. On the contrary, is less light available, the images are even better than at the direct predecessor. For the recordings of the Galaxy S6 during daylight hours have been partially better in some detail. The comparison with the LG G4 is similar: both moving on a level and are even better and even worse in some detail. A so significant improvement of the image quality as by the Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy S6 there is no year in this though, but with the Galaxy S7 you can have fun while shooting.

March 26, 2016

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Cheating in Android Benchmark Is Widespread

Latest Samsung is caught in optimizing their products under benchmark tests, but they are certainly not alone.

Benchmark tests cannot be used to much if manufacturers do not fight on a level playing field. An illustration created by, shows that it is relatively common to try to cheat the benchmark programs, so one’s own devices will get a better result than his competitors.

A form of cheating is to detect that the device will be tested by a benchmark program and turn up the performance during this period as the unit perform significantly better than the consumer will experience under normal use.

The table shows a subset of the devices that have been tested and the benchmark programs recognized by the phones which then screws up for performance.
Continue reading Cheating in Android Benchmark Is Widespread

February 25, 2016

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