Perfect Eyebrows: Permanent Makeup

Transparent or semi permanent makeup treatments of eyebrows, here’s all the information you need to choose the right one for you.

Many women have to contend with the rush and the daily tasks, and have a face perfectly rigged every day becomes an increasingly difficult feat. The solution might be that of permanent or semi-permanent, ideal to be beautiful at any time and on any occasion. In this space we look more closely at the treatment focused on eyebrows. Continue reading Perfect Eyebrows: Permanent Makeup

May 9, 2017

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Contouring Makeup Kit

If you love Contouring, the preferred technique to make upKim Kardashian, you can not miss the practical kit specifically designed to achieve it in a practical and fast! As is now well known, the Contouring involves the application of specific products, which thanks to a strategic use of color, highlight certain areas and they overshadow other, correcting, smoothing and harmonizing the facial features. With this kit of products that we suggest, designed to satisfy the needs of both beginners to professionals, you will be able to create a perfect base for a few minutes, which was once only a professional make-up artist could create! Continue reading Contouring Makeup Kit

May 7, 2017

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Best Male Makeup Products

The Sao Paulo Fashion Week released many bombastic tendencies. In another post, I showed the general makeup on trend. Much “baph”!

My look of “makeup lover” couldn’t pass hit the makeup trend that Fernanda Yamamoto showed on the catwalks of SPFW.

The stylist brought nature as central proposal for your fashion show. There is a tendency for the archaic nature, in order to get the colors of nature, the earth tones (brown, beige, Orange, covers and the like) are fundamental.

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October 31, 2016

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Makeup if You Wear Glasses

Who says that makeup does not match with eyeglasses? This pair so sure you’ve had to makeup brand launching glasses. Bobbi Brown has created a unique brand of glasses that has made the greatest success!

The important thing to do a makeup is that it enhances your facial features and exploits your charm which you may not have originally.

The prescription glasses can be a statement of style. And people who need to use them know they are fundamental in life. How about using them as your advantage?

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October 26, 2016

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Beauty Tips for Summer

The first warm spring sun rays can already think of summer. Replace the winter clothes to lighter clothing made in bright colors. You have again wants to exercise in the fresh air. Of course you should think about your beauty. Your skin needs during the spring and summer a different care than in autumn. Likewise, you opt for a lighter makeup.The Vichy makeup are available in many variations for the summer.

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October 21, 2016

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7 Reasons to Use Primer Makeup

The primer is another innovation of the cosmetics industry. A prepaid product makeup incredible that came to make a difference in make up.

Already entered for the basic kit of makeup. And there are those who do not rely on this type of product.

Know if a beauty product meets their needs is what will determine whether you need to or not. In other words, is it a necessary product for you?

The site brings the 7 reasons to use primer on makeup. All for you to evaluate and see if it really will be useful in your need.

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October 2, 2016

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