Children’s Corner for Living Room

Invest without fears in the nursery for the living room, because it will not disharmonize the décor already reigning, on the contrary, you can value it.

Want to set up a little corner of the house? Know that there are many options for this type of décor and you can create a space that besides fun to further enhance all the decoration of your environment. Continue reading Children’s Corner for Living Room

November 17, 2017

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Tips for Buying Pillows

Most pillows support the neck inadequate and leave so sag cervical spine. The fluidized press therefore on one side against the other and so clamp a nerve. To prevent this, the muscles used to bring the neck vertebrae in a favorable position. However, This results in tension, because the muscles had to work all night. If pillows, mattress and slatted frame fit perfectly together, they keep the spine in the ideal state, namely in accordance with the natural course. Only in this way the muscles are relieved and the spine can relax at night – this is particularly important in a seated occupation!

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October 26, 2016

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