List Brings Five Bluetooth Headsets to Practice Sports

Listening to music during exercise is a must for most athletes, whether they are professionals or amateurs.Common headphones, however, do not have the proper design for physical activity, causing them to fall out of the ear or upset whoever they are using.

Meet the best headphones released in 2016 Continue reading List Brings Five Bluetooth Headsets to Practice Sports

September 4, 2017

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Seidio Offers Battery for Galaxy Note 2

The  Samsung Galaxy Note 2  already comes with a battery that has considerable battery life, but one of the advantages of having a smartphone with a removable battery is the option of purchasing an even better battery.  And to the delight of users of the Galaxy Note 2, Japanese manufacturer  Seidio has  released the 4,500 mAh Innocell battery that can solve the problem of those who complain that the device battery does not last long enough. Continue reading Seidio Offers Battery for Galaxy Note 2

September 1, 2017

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Buying Smartphone Online

In ForoMóviles we are fanatics of mobile telephony, as you have been able to deduce just taking a quick look at the articles we publish (and possibly also the name of the blog you will have done to the idea).

In this and in other blogs bemoob desgranamos all details of the most important phones on the market, and others who call our attention because we see their true potential.

Now, whenever we analyze a device you attach a link to the respective trade purchase, so you can make you with him so online without having to leave home.

And it is that in the XXI century we are, the online trade has made their way into our lives, so that we do not have to download or even for the bread to the store under house but a click us bring the dealer supermarket along with the rest of the purchase of the week.

Continue reading Buying Smartphone Online

October 30, 2016

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The Mobile Site Will Announce: This Year’s Bug Shot

It’s not all mobile concepts that hits the spot. Sometimes hitting the far, far past. We will announce this year’s worst maveplaskere.

2013 has bid at maveplaskere from both the large incumbent players and from the little ones. Some promised more than they could keep, where other misunderstood what users would have. Who do you think, should run with credit for this year’s new year’s cod?

The nominees are:

Apple iPhone 5 c. Apple has long ruled in the high-end market. Therefore, expectations were high when rumors of a cheaper iPhone proliferated. The result was, as we know, iPhone 5 c-but the price disappointed many and sales lag after the more expensive 5S. Continue reading The Mobile Site Will Announce: This Year’s Bug Shot

October 29, 2016

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Intel Mica Smart Watch

Intel enters the market for wearables with Mica, a smart bracelet premium finishes and materials

Undoubtedly, wearables and more specifically the smartwatch will be one of the best sellers this Christmas technological devices. Most manufacturers have already submitted their bet on this new technology category, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Microsoft and even Intel. Yes, as we hear, the company popularly known as one of the largest manufacturers of processors in the world also wants its piece of cake.

Continue reading Intel Mica Smart Watch

October 3, 2016

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

If the 5.5 “by Galaxy S7 Edge begin to smell you, and have you regretted not having opted for a smartphone with larger display, you can try to get Samsung to let you use his Galaxy S7 Edge of Europe! Probably could get a little uncomfortable take it back or read a notification without showing it to an entire city, but then that’s the price you pay to enjoy a widescreen 40 x 80.

Obviously a joke, although the giant Galaxy S7 Edge you see in the opening really exists and it is the largest display advertising (in Europe) developed by Samsung and placed on a 25-story building in the District of Sokol in Moscow. The huge LED panel reproduces the likeness of an S7 Edge and is placed at a strategic point which includes a motorway link to Sheremetyevo airport. According to what stated in the description of the video, the screen can be seen up to 2.2 kilometers away! Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

September 17, 2016

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When Comes Out the Galaxy S5? In the Spring!

It looks like the Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 will come in the spring along with a new version of the Samsung Galaxy gear Smartwatch on the market. The new smartphone should differ significantly from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

The Vice President of the mobile radio division by Samsung, Lee Young-Hee, has lifted the veil in terms of release date for the new Samsung Galaxy S5 slightly at the Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas. She informed that the Galaxy S5 will come at the latest in April on the market. It should differ significantly from its predecessor. We may be curious about: Hee announced that wanted Samsung model “to the basics to return”. Along with the Galaxy S5 Samsung will release a new Smartwatch. The new Galaxy gear should be smaller than the old model and have even more features – on the current Galaxy gear the Klobigkeit and a few features were criticized.

All sorts of rumors are circulating to the facilities of the new Galaxy S5: so should the Galaxy S5 have a 5.25-inch QHD screen with ultra sharp resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, and thanks to the built-in Achtkernprozessores Exynos 5 more than its predecessor, still have some power. Also the memory of Samsung’s new flagship to be enormous with 3 gigabytes. And you can do with the camera of the Galaxy S5 photos allegedly with 16 megapixels. Also in the access protection, there will be new features. Unlike competitor Apple, Samsung opts a retinal scanner. This technique would be even safer than the fingerprint scanner that Apple used. It is still unclear whether this technique but in the Galaxy S5 will be installed.

You want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but prefer now equal to a new smartphone? We touch 3 with a mobile financing, in which you can choose the monthly rates even you get the Galaxy!

May 27, 2016

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