Fashion Guide: How To Use Midi Skirt Plus Size

Some readers went asking me to make a post talking about midi skirt plus size. I’ve done some looks using this piece, which is super lovely for me, but as I realized that the question you were more punctual, I decided to create a guide full of information, with all well mastigadinho and full of examples to help them.

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May 21, 2017

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2016 Spring Summer Trends Vogue

The right time to examine trends spring-summer 2016. A summary of 10 key pieces of the season.

1- The Stripes

It is perhaps already a classic in your wardrobe, but scratches still come back strong this year. It’s simple, almost all creators incorporated them in their collection, Ralph Lauren Giorgio Armani through Alexander Wang. If a black and white sailor could very well do the trick, multicolored stripes (as Chloe) are ultra-trendy.

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October 23, 2016

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What Clothes to Wear for Wide Hips

Find out how to enhance or disguise wide hips without having to feel uncomfortable!
The wide hips are a problem for many women more than anything else because it is simply not something that depends on the extra pounds but usually is not enough to lose weight and constitution to solve it.

1. Remedies for wide hips

If the problem stems from a bone conformation is not much to do, but if it is just an accumulation of fat, the situation is solved.

Walking or jogging are the most simple and immediate solutions to eliminate the fat deposits on the hips, remember that more time will last the more fat you will burn exercise. The benefits of running, now, are universally recognized: the ideal would of brisk walking for about 45 minutes each day.

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October 22, 2016

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Spring 2016 Women’s Fashion Trends

OK, it is completely fashion victims and was mocked for years bathrobe coat our mom (before biting him fresh for this winter again become terribly trend), but there are limits. Here are five modesques aberrations that have decided to resurface in 2016 and we refuse outright to take ownership.

The Very Large Mesh

As we learned our lesson of autumn-winter 2016-2017 trends, we know that the large mesh is at the top. Only it is also known as Lenny Kravitz and his wool blanket are once again the laughing stock of Twitter (just a few years, if our memory serves, it was already the same thing because of his poncho). The mesh, so we will wear as usual, a human scale.

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October 16, 2016

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Angelia Ami Tanzania Collection

Angelia, fascinated and impressed by the fabrics and colors used by the Masai culture, brings to Milan a piece of Tanzania. Here is the Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 who marched during the fashion week in Milan.

His personal idea of beauty and fashion wants to tell a story through collections that mix work and materials haute couture with “talking” materials, from near and distant cultures, whose common denominator is to be spokesmen of stories lived and rooted in time and space. Angelia,  the first name of the 22 year-old fashion designer, and Ami (third name) in Japanese means “beauty exists.” And it is beauty to sign the lines of his clothes, their striking geometries, the purity of the forms, the sharp colors and defined.

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October 12, 2016

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Things in Your Closet You Should Get Rid of

Woman and shopping is always winning equation. But very often, more skeletons in our closets we have than I could imagine, and must discard it immediately! Here is a guide in 10 points to understand what are the errors (and horrors!) More frequent fashion and how to get rid of it immediately with no regrets.

“I have nothing to wear”. There it was, on time, clear, feared more than all the ten plagues of Egypt combined. The phrase that every woman on the planet ruling at least once a month sighing mournfully in front of his locker and opened that shakes billion husbands, boyfriends, parents even Leonidas that “screams This is Sparta!” Succeed in the ears of succeeding the same effect.

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October 10, 2016

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OVS Curvyglam Clothes Collection

Smart, lovely and magic: it is the spirit of the new Curvyglam line by OVS, a collection of garments to embrace all forms of femininity.

Fashion is not made ​​by sizes, centimeters and numbers, but fashion is something that affects all women and therefore must be able to embrace all kinds of femininity: this is the idea that animates the autumn-winter 2015 collection/2016 Curvyglam OVS, the line curvy where what matters are not the measures, but the pursuit of fashion.

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October 9, 2016

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Women’s Winter Fashion Clothing 2016

Yes, the end of the winter sales almost here. But never mind, the latest markdowns may be the opportunity of the best deals! Quick, shoppe few pieces unlabelled before jumping on the new collections …

A Perfecto

Timeless, the perfecto sets the tone. Rock and class, he will accompany you in this late winter to spring and give style to any outfit, even the most basic.

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October 7, 2016

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