Ask Manolo: Shoes to Black Suit?

Hi Manolo! I wonder what there is for rules regarding shoes to black costume. Is it just black that applies or is it possible to get away with any other color? The invitation says “dark suit or evening dress”, but I want to, in any way, to show that I am not 55 years and new-rich as most of the others will be at the event, do you have any tips on how to “work” to “dark suit” a bit? Thank you!

The general rule is to always wear black shoes to black costume. However, this can create some confusion when the color black is not entirely obvious in kostymsammanhang. Many tend to confuse just black with gray. The difference may seem subtle, but is nevertheless essential for the shoes that fit. A gray suit could fit at least as good for black to brown shoes. What matters is the color and the material. Continue reading Ask Manolo: Shoes to Black Suit?

September 2, 2017

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Wedding Dress For Men

What is the wedding dress for the bride is the wedding suit for the bridegroom. The wedding suit for men does not get as much attention as the wedding dress gets, but the right choice is just as important.

But you should inform yourself well before the purchase of a wedding suit for the gentlemen, otherwise it can happen that one is pulled across the table. Continue reading Wedding Dress For Men

July 12, 2017

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Best Place to Buy Luxury Watches Online

Imagine the perfect outfit with the perfect Assembly of colors, materials and accessories, through no fault of course. Now imagine that same patou outfit of a large and flashy watch… If some see that a simple trifle irrelevant, connoisseurs spot quickly the fault of taste. And as in never vulgar accorded importance to the smallest detail, here is the ultimate guide to choose his watch.

Continue reading Best Place to Buy Luxury Watches Online

October 15, 2016

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