Captive Looks Girls Plus Size To Imitate

While some years ago the fashion revolved around a certain stereotype of body, being models of very high and extremely thin figure, the prototype of beauty supported by this industry, today things have changed, and although the runways models, street style imposed by fashionistas and bloggers still reigning the delgadimas It is very inclusive and militant in the cause to expand what we mean by beauty. Continue reading Captive Looks Girls Plus Size To Imitate

February 8, 2018

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Color for Your Garden

To personalize your garden, make it more unique and original, color has a role to play in determining the atmosphere that meets your summer.

Put the color in his garden, what is it? Depending on the space you have and ways you have, you must decide on the location of the color. The easiest way is to adopt a colorful furniture, but the color can also appear in other, through accessories Garden (outside lighting, cushions garden, garlands, lanterns, flower pots,…) and by the vegetation. Whatever it is, the color in the garden energizes space, makes it festive and friendly, just by customizing the whole. Indeed, those who dream of an exotic garden will favour the orange, pink, red, yellow. Those who imagine a bucolic garden full of sweetness rely on white, clear yellow and pale pink. Finally, for a very feminine garden, alternate between the shades of pink and shades of purple. Continue reading Color for Your Garden

July 11, 2017

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Types of Vintage Bulbs

The choice of bulbs is it definitely a must-have in decorating today vintage?

The vintage decor is a fashionable style for a few years now. This trend becomes timeless, retro eventually becomes almost a classic style with loft, industrial, workshop, Scandinavian.
Regarding the light, different types of lamps help to get a retro or vintage lighting. This article should help you to find yourself in the main categories of vintage lamps.

Continue reading Types of Vintage Bulbs

October 14, 2016

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