Targa traveller 1777 X 2

An AMD Turion processor inside the Lidl notebook 64 X 2 TL56 (two processor cores, 1.8 gigahertz). This one got the traveller 1777 for his performance very good note.
An of type NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor ensures the composition go 77 00, which can be accessed on 256 MB own memory. In the test, he calculated 37 frames per second on average. Thus, it can be already quite well played. Many action games run so flawlessly. Only in extremely complex 3-D scenes s can easily stutter.

Data storage
The hard drive contains around 149 GB. This is very good for notebook conditions. Also the memory is very generous with two gigabytes. The built-in burner worked pretty fast and delivered a decent quality. He described all types of CD and DVD, also double-layer disc (DL) and DVD-RAM.
Image Quality
The traveller has a huge and good anti-reflective screen: with over diagonal of 43 centimeters (17 inches) he offers about 20% more Image area than 15.4-inch screens. The wide-screen format (16:10) works extremely well for playback of DVD movies. The image quality was overall good.
during normal operation, the Targa notebook was very low (1.0 sone). Start the fan at full load, the background noise with 4.0 sone was much louder. The battery showed satisfactory performance: In normal operation he lasted less than two hours. While watching DVD’s extended more. for a quarter of an hour
Corel Word Office Office program include the extensive software package in addition to the operating system Windows Vista Home Premium. There s the Brockhaus 2007, the Duden, a telephone book CD and a route planner (Marco Polo).
the TV card is not installed, but is pushed demand into the PC card slot. She can receive digital television via antenna (DVB-T) and analogue programs via antenna or cable connection, and radio.
Targa provides a three year warranty. If a fault the notebook is picked up and brought back after the repair.
With the Targa can work up really fast. The performance is sufficient also for games. Thus, he is a good substitute for the normal PC. The equipment is top: widescreen monitor, TV card, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a large software package.