TBD Eyewear X Berg; Berg Trunk Show in Gothenburg

Today we can announce a joyful news for all people. Berg & Berg and TBD Eyewear, two of our personal favourites when it comes to accessories will keep a common Trunk Show in Robin’s premises in Victoria passage 7-8 april. A great opportunity to get the clip and the feel of the companies ‘ products.

This type of common Trunk Shows involving two or three parties cooperate increasingly in #menswear. We think it’s a brilliant development when the companies ‘ products or services can often complement each other rather than compete, which means that customers get a wide choice of watching in the same event. We have seen the shirt and kostymtillverkare coordinate the event as well as cobbler and this time it’s time for an event with a focus on accessories.

Both b & B and TBD Eyewear are brand names that many of you are aware, Manololäsare sen previously. They deal mainly with affordable niche products and sales through own webshop, even if they also had a number of external distributors.

In Gothenburg, however, is the offerings of the two brands limited so by organising a Trunk Show with Robin P, also stilintresserade from Sweden’s second largest city the chance to look at the product. Sunglasses in particular is something that everyone knows must be tested for this could range from millimeters between the perfect and the flat case.

Both companies bring brand new spring collection with several products that have just been launched.

In addition to Berg & Berg and TBD Eyewear, Robin P tailored from his own tailoring as well as B & Tailor and have recently started working with the very exciting skjortföretaget 100 Hands. A company that makes some of the most impressive handcrafted shirts I’ve seen that will be available as Bespoke by Robin P and go to order either on location in New York or in his Trunk Shows in London, Paris and Stockholm.

TBDs model “Pleat” on top of some of spring’s Madderslipsar from Berg & Berg.

Tailored trousers from Robin Petterson.

Test on a custom-made suit from B & Tailor.

Hand-finished shirts from 100 Hands will be available for ordering.

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September 30, 2017

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