Teens Dropping Facebook

The world’s most popular social media will be in a large scale abandoned by teenagers. But they will probably be back later.
Facebook is just not cool enough for British teenagers aged 16-18 years. A 15-month study by the anthropologist Daniel Miller shows that young people consider the social network as dead and buried, and in the vast majority of cases are ashamed, to be associated with it.
Mom look with
A large part of the explanation is to be found in that teenagers essentially does not like that mom and Dad can look with on the sidelines when they share information with friends. They have instead of thrown it over Twitter, Snap chat and Instagram, which still is relatively forældrefri.
The study, which has received support from the EUROPEAN UNION, has been conducted in eight European countries. The result, however, should not scare off Facebook in the long term, for the shows at the same time, to the teenagers is well aware of the strengths that the site can offer.
For while Twitter, Snap chat and Instagram is excellent to keep in touch with its current social circles, so is Facebook’s strength in touch with peripheral acquaintances, old schoolmates, better opportunities for photos and cover the length and breadth of relationships.
The young faces with great probability back when they come up a bit aged. The hysteria, as there has been about teens and facebookafhængighed the last four years, so switched to a direct opposition to the site, in what case with regard to the respondents in the survey.
No economic consequences-yet
Although they are still rising casualty figures have not yet been reflected on the economy, so should Facebook according to Miller consider the situation, and possibly secure a way in which the parents cannot look the teenagers over the shoulder.
Right now goes Zuckerberg and co. may miss out on some of the revenues from the companies that have the 16-18 year olds as target audience, but in the longer term, the trend width up to both sides.
A study of the site Roiworld earlier this year showed that the 13-17 year olds also has begun to slowly drift off. One in five has abandoned the site, although not for the same reasons as the 16-18 year olds. Here is the main reason (45 per cent), that they simply have lost interest, and only 16 percent give their parents blame.