Tell a Taco Each Two by Three Is Symptom of Be Well Spoken (It Says a Study)

I have always said that say swear words was not of ladies, that seemed a newly borne stevedore to port, which littered you the mouth… But a study of Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts shows that those who say more words have more developed language ability. Damn, what a good news.

How many times have eaten you a swear word? Have you the desire to release an outburst of large dimensions, which provoke an explosion, and leave your opponent K.O. and stay wider than long you endured? Whenever some taco has escaped you, all those who were to your around you have looked with disapproval. And if you have children the thing is much more complicated. You go through life as if the ground were filled with broken glass, biting you tongue all the time and releasing dull “jopes” and absurd “sapristi”, when not a “mecachis” that you neither alleviates nor take away the desire to remove the finger from the curse (secretly, of course, because that is also frowned). Because you have it engraved on the head: say swear words is wrong, puneteramente bad, and only do so to those who are rude. Not you.

The good news is that you no longer have to punish you because a research published in Language Sciences confirms what all the tired repress us were expecting: say swear words galore is a symptom of verbal intelligence.

We can not assure that the words released with “non-verbal” also may be symptom of intelligence.

The study, conducted by the Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, it comes to shoot down the myth that those who use many words do so because they have a great ignorance of the language and that lacking sufficient vocabulary they replace their mental gaps with offensive words. They use words “wildcard” instead of those that should be. But the conclusions of this show just the opposite: his language ability is superior.

To prove it, the researchers challenged participants in his study to say as many words as they were able in sixty seconds. And then they repeated the exercise with names of animals. The results showed that those who were able to say more words also were that highlighted saying names of animals. But that’s not all: also excelled in the games of Association of words and in interpreting the social situation to choose the most appropriate curse. Because therein of the words there are also categories and categories, and one has to know what is the plug suitable for every moment. Unless you are English and arrive late for a wedding; in this case only okay to use one:

In short: that his linguistic ability was more developed and that, in the world in which we operate, is fundamental if we want to be something (something being a very particular thing and that it varies according to the circumstances of each).

So the next time the circumstances that you ask for it out (and there are no minors of through) released this WAD you’re inside. You’ll be showing your tremendous linguistic ability.

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February 26, 2018

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