The 3 Best Apps To Customize Your New Samsung Galaxy S8

Many of the people who decided to buy the Galaxy S8 at the time of its launch to the market, will receive this same week its brand new terminals.
The new high range of the South Korean firm is called to be one of the best terminals of the year, and reasons are not lacking.
Now, those who already have in their hands the new flagship of Samsung, and after having eliminated the bloatware preinstalled in the device, as well as perform the first 6 things that every user of the terminal should do nothing else receive it , it is time to Customize it to our liking. So, today we want to bring you the 5 best apps to personalize the Samsung Galaxy S8 as described in cell phone functions to the fullest.


BixRemap is a very simple and simple app – its own creator presumes to have created it in less than half an hour-that will allow us to open the Google voice assistant using the Bixby button on the device.And it is that, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, the new assistant of Samsung, not only is not in Castilian language, but also, at the moment, has no voice commands enabled, so its functionalities are seen Drastically limited with respect to what Samsung announced last March.
So thanks to BixRemap it is possible to remap the Bixby button to open Google Now-or Google Assistant-, and thus avoid running Bixby, an assistant that, to this day, is of little use to most Spanish-speaking users.


Although there are thousands of different wallpapers apps on Google Play, few have a catalog of images destined for AMOLED panels like AMOLED mnml. It is a completely free and open source application that has hundreds of wallpapers stored in the cloud, all perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S8 AMOLED screen.
There are those who claim that a black wallpaper on an AMOLED panel can help save some battery power. Be that as it may, if for some reason we like these backgrounds on this type of screen is how well they feel the terminals, especially when they have frames as small as the Galaxy S8.

Custom Bixby Button

Those users who do not want to use the Galaxy S8’s Bixby button to open a voice assistant, also have the possibility to configure this shortcut to the maximum to perform any possible function. To do this, you can download the Custom Bixby Button app, which allows you to remap the button to perform actions such as opening applications, turning the screen on and off, switching between songs or displaying the notifications panel, among many others.