The Best Type of Tie Knot

A Little History

tie ends image of modern successful man. Some representatives of the stronger sex consider it a great way with howling personality, others as soon as possible remove “the shackles” of their neck and they throw as far.Even in ancient times the Roman legion eras have ovaries around his neck cloth to them be warmer. After the collapse of the Roman Empire adopted this fashion tribes in modern Romania. From there came to Croatia and then to France. Brilliant Louis XIV “crazy ” for everything beautiful and unusual, so this innovation he liked the immediately. So ordinary cloth neck ornament became the male style in France. It is made ​​from the finest fabrics and lace and tie was extremely difficult.  In time men’s clothing loses mannerism and attention of the stronger sex is directed towards his tie – one of the few details of the aid to which it easily can events individuality.

Occurs throughout science of tying a tie even been written and textbooks. In the 70s of the 19th century appear ready fabricated ties, and at the end of the century and clamps for them. However, the tie knot we know it now appears only in the early 20th century. And with the need for its skillful tie nd a few minutes. Here are some ways: the simplest node (Four-in-Hand), this unit appeared in England in the mid 19th century, and nose and name Four-in-Hand. Visit Allpubliclibraries to see tips for tie clips. It is suitable for those representatives of the stronger sex, which they need for the first time to art of tying a tie. The popular knot Half Windsor, the most versatile and popular knot is Half Windsor. It is suitable tie with a standard width for broad dense and entering occasionally fashionable narrow ties. This unit originally done in the mirror. When enough times you do this ” exercise” can do almost mechanically, without having to track movements in the mirror. It will only need to give the finished knot desired shape or fix appeared.
The elegant Windsor is known easily in a triangular shape. It can be seen today only neckties diplomats, although after two years can enter en masse as the latest trend. Windsor Knot is done accurately and easier sibling Half Windsor (half wind elbow grease), adding another wrap on the side of the right corner of the collar. It can be used in ties with different widths or changing the position of the narrow and wide their end until a suitable amount of knots.  The current unit (Christensen) called different – square, double. Its official name is Christensen. And it is quite common in our country. Now updated because it suits real average for modern high collars. Initially as half Windsor and starts with double wrap front.