The Boots Chain of Chanel. Perfect for the Winter?

When the temperature drops one degree, immediately leave the boots to take a walk. It is something like flowers in spring, something that, in many cases, I see no logical since lower temperatures do not always require heat to provide a boot, but the trend is the trend.

One of the hit of this autumn will be chained boots of Chanel, which can be found in mythical signature colors: black and white. But when you see them I wonder Would be all sheltered who have that be boots?
This month of September, and taking advantage of the fall in temperature will have seen them a host of celebrities, fashion bloggers, models… All of them look these beautiful boots with acharolado skin appearance, stiletto, and buttoning of the great chain of Chanel. A nearly perfect design that has conquered many, but… do not enter too cold for large holes that has?
Anna dello Russo, Chiara Ferragni or Elena Perminova they can not resist to show off their “chaneleros” looks with these boots chained to his legs. To my particular I like enough although it is true, that is something that we have in mind since childhood. The cerradita boot with the chains It is sensational but the chains loose and bedraggled becomes something just strange.
White or black? It is true that white has been a real hit in the shoes of last summer and seems to be what the coming summer but in winter… In winter is always the doubt because although trend perhaps we must reserve it for times with a little more than heat and slightly paler clothes. So for this autumn and winter, we are left with black boots, to combine with any type of color and have a look of the most trendy.
But the home Chanel No detail could not escape him, and despite the fact that we have seen all the celebrities with boots showing the leg between the chains, it seems that the French firm has created a boot with a sort of average of skin that goes up to the thigh and covering everything to perfection, creating a garment completely suitable for the cold. The price, about 2500 euros but I am sure that we will soon find many clones!!