The Camera for Android Mobile Cheap

Over the past year I have been analyzing dozens of terminals, some of almost 1000 euros and others who barely reached one tenth of that figure.
Obviously they are not comparable mobile phones but as more and more analyzed improved the low end, which is around 100 euros, the more I have become increasingly aware that for many users a terminal of this price is more than enough.
But still there is one aspect in which we must make a concession, partial or total depending on how demanding it is: the camera.

Chinese manufacturers mobile terminals have improved in recent years to a lavish speed.
The power is not comparable to mobile 400 or 500 € but it is valid for normal navigation applications from messaging to even passing games, but let ‘s not jump the highest quality of them.
The materials and design have been the last big jump and devices like the Oukitel U10 or 3 or UMI Rome redmi we have nothing to envy to the highest range of conventional manufacturers indexed on
The battery has also been one of the major improvements and although there is everything and sometimes you have to set some parameters well have surprised us positively in more than one terminal.
But the problem comes in the chambers, yes they are far more expensive terminals, not 500 or 600 euros, but also mobile 200 or 300 euros.
Day normally the result is acceptable but having not a care in processing many times the contrast is so excessive that the picture suffers excessively.
Night noise and jitter make an appearance and again, with some exceptions, we see the difference with more expensive handsets is more than remarkable.
This is also a matter of time and perhaps the next great leap since even novelties like fingerprint readers or dual SIM while they are practically normal even cheaper phones.