The City Becomes the Beach

Seasonal change is noticeable in men when they leave Bermuda first and above all, the first flip flops Beach in the city. This change is more restrained in women because as you have multiple types of clothing for the entire year, even so, these days the city has already become the beach.

The more informal looks have changed and in the add-ins are started to see all kinds of beach bums, with more or less style hats, although where this change is most noticed is in the Sandals. Smooth and comfortable Sandals (nothing extra centimeters) that is running at least is more like the Diane Kruger, look where he is missing the fedora.
Emma Roberts is directly aimed directly with the flip-flops of beach for the city I still see them. Go casual detail goes, this already is excessive. And the Havaianas they are for the beach or the pool. I like your little bag of 3.1 Phillip Lim In addition to encouraging more striped with the top of Vince Fisherman.
So in the absence of sand, asphalt of the city adapts to this seasonal change in footwear. Beware of getting more.