The Conduit Will Reach Devices Android Processors Tegra

He was one of the Wii games that most surprised at the time, The Conduit was able to take advantage of the Nintendo Wii controls and take into account the limitations of the console to deliver a game that became more grief than glory despite their quality. Now the game would have a second chance on Android, It seems to indicate that the game would come inside of very little.
In the Nvidia TegraZone there is since a few hours ago an ad for the game, which details a date of release for the first quarter of 2013, which would indicate that you game you came along this month. What is striking is that the game has a freemium model, offering the first two levels of the game for free, But having to pay the rest.
Prices of these packs would be 2.99 each, and may pay 4.99 if you want the seven levels at the same time, completing the price of the game. It is not much money, although being a console game surprises that has been able to be mobile devices, demonstrating how quickly that processors are moving in this sector.
We are approaching quickly the power of previous generation consoles, the Wii was not the most powerful of all. Even so, It would not be surprising to see more ports of games best seller in Android, as classic PlayStation 2 and XBox is to return to put on sale for mobile devices.