The Dancers Come out in Summer to Conquer the City

Look to the ground and there are, stepping on the asphalt, you sit in the metro, look opposite and appear, going to work and under pants they are once again. The dancers come in summer to conquer the city and step to conquer the most comfortable outfits, fleeing the heel and his daily torture.

You win logic, temperatures accompany and brands overlook the street style thousand ideas to choose your beloved ballerinas.
There are so many models like imagination exist. Dancers that touch the ground with a if possible, a minimum heel strengthened heel and not be harmful to the back. It is one of the best shoes for 24 hours at the time maintaining the versatility and style.
Dancers are added in the same way to a look sixtie as of Toshiko S. that a more formal office style. It is in these where you have your website with so many shoes party which some seek to wear during the day by day and just asking low to get their beloved Ballet bag.
If the dancers had another name they would call sighs shoes. How many resulted in relief after few hours rises to higher platforms or thinner heels? The time of the change of shoe is accompanied by a sigh of relief and relaxation that few shoes carry with them.
Pop dancers, as of Steffy Kuncman with a glad message (“Hello sunshine!”) of the firm Loly in the Sky. Next shirt Cowgirl with her loop and a timeless polka dot pleated skirt.
This season the dancers have been found in the slippers an opponent who is removing some other role in according to what looks more fashionable. But generally the domain of the dancers remains unquestionable.
There are who are encouraged in this change to give it an extra touch, with the Leopard print who choose Lucy b. on the part of Zara to bring color to your style in black and white H & M as does with your cake bag of Kenzo.
The cats continue conquering women with style as Sietske L as we saw in other bloggers and other brands. Cats in slippers and dancers, a comfortable City cats.

Low cost dancers

  • A version lima and with lace in Bershka for 22.99 euros.
  • The pink stick is of Mango Touch by 45,99 EUR.
  • The tip and the dance are to Zara by 22.95 euros.
  • H & M commitment to the animal print for 19.95 euros.

One major league dancers

  • Cats of Charlotte Olympia for 525 euros.
  • Stella McCartney shines for 342 euros.
  • The yellow of Lanvin for 320 euros.
  • Prada in point and loop. For $650.