The Danes Are Buying Fewer Smartphones Than Before

Ever-better smartphones reduces buy desire with the Danish smartphone buyers.
After over a decade of wild growth in the Danes’ consumption of smartphones, the crowd on the market now, showing new figures from the IT-analysis Institute IDC.
The smart phone is wound down now to such a degree that 2015 was the first year where the Danes bought fewer smartphones than the year earlier. In 2015, it was for 66,200 fewer selling mobiles than in 2014-a decrease of 2.4 per cent. Danes bought a total of 2.79 million mobile phones in the last year.
Thus sets 2015 sentence on a decade of two-ciffrede rates of growth in the smartphone market.

Too little innovation

IDC’s Analysis Manager Anders Elbak points to two reasons for the slack sales by 2015. Still, many cell phones are sold, but the natural replacement of ordinary mobile phones to smartphones is now fully settled.
“There has been for years been sold around three million. mobile phones in Denmark every year. The level has not changed much-now it’s just Apple and Google’s Android, which has replaced the Nokia and Ericsson. But the shift from the old-fashioned phones to smartphones, has taken place. And those who want a smartphone, has it already, “says Anders Elbak to DR News.
At the same time, recent generations of smartphones characterized by too little innovation, and it gives the Danish consumers fewer reasons to upgrade an aging smartphone.
“We are reaching a limit on what is meaningful innovation, and news of new mobiles will be relevant to fewer and fewer. Most recently, we have phones that are waterproof or have heart rate monitors, and it is not all that need it, “he says.

Global slowdown

The news comes in the wake of a pitiful Apple records for the first time in 13 years shows a decline for the company with its iPhones helped jumpstart the smartphone revolution.
In the global smartphone market experienced a similar trend. Figures from the analysis Institute Juniper Research could yesterday show that in the first quarter of 2016 were sold 320 million smartphone at a global level – a decline of 6 percent compared to the same quarter the previous year.
Despite the pitiful sales, winning particular Chinese mobile manufacturers, above, with strong growth with, among others, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.
The losers in the global mobile Solitaire is established cell manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, HTC and Microsoft in particular. The latter experienced a marked decline in the latest quarter. A bill of sale on 2.3 million units means that Microsoft only got 0.72% percent of the global market share.