The Fashion Book of the Week: My Life Shoes

The book of fashion this week is especially indicated for the obsesas of shoes: The author, journalist and Illustrator Jane Eldershaw, It begins in the preface with the following reflection, that I agree with 100%:

“There are two kinds of women in the world who love shoes and which had the misfortune of being born without the ability to experience the bliss to find a pair of shoes of the correct number, with a perfect design and half price”.
So they start these fun zapateriles memoirs published by Ed. Maeva in Spanish, in which the Australian author has the main events of his life through shoes has had, since white shoes of his childhood, through her first time with heels, their mistakes stylistic (falls and damaged ankles) platform shoes and always controversial cuts in which the perfect couple is shaped , but never is your number. Without a doubt, the zapateril theme always lends itself to debate, and but remember the list of 10 most iconic shoes of all time.
In addition to amusing anecdotes with shoes – where all we will see reflected – the author offers tips on practical care of footwear and feet, reflections on fashion and clues about the personality of people depending on the shoes that usually choose. Could not be more in agreement with the writer when he says:
“Shoes are mere accessories, are what gives meaning to our lives.”.

My zapateriles anecdotes

I could not avoid, re-reading this book, remember the number of stories that have happened to me with shoes, foot pain, compulsive shopping… but if you doubt I am with my story at the tail of entrance to the Maracana Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro: my waving MBT rose more than one sigh among the cariocas addicted to the cult of the body, which could not help but wonder about the truth and lies of the slippers, your price…! I was about to sell them!
What is the funniest situation that has happened with your shoes?