The First 20 Things Thank You for Your Dog

If I had to talk to you about it, at first I would be speechless, but after the cascade of virtues would be infinite. It is energetic, outgoing, calm, cuddly, funny, faithful, protective, loving, good… And not, I’m not talking about Julio Iglesias or my boyfriend, talk about my dog. People who have a furry four-legged friend will know what I mean and those who have not (yet!) … What are you waiting for?

I don’t know if as a result of modern life, the pace of life or the imperative to individualism, the dogs are no longer as dogs. For my grandparents, dogs were an animal in the House, such as rabbits or chickens. Not passed the door, they ate what they best plundering and they looked for life. Having a dog was something practical and above all functional. For my parents, having a dog is one step further, we have a Pet. The dog is allowed in the House, but with limitations. They receive their care and occasionally dropped them a flying slice of Turkey Breast. We accept dog as a pet. But now I come with my circumstances and my moves.

My dog is not only an animal (not even company) and much less a pet. I do not play fifty shades of grey whereas I “loves” anything or anyone. But sometimes if it is true that It worries me not know what are the limits of my relationship with my or doggy or what is my role in this circus that is my house: am I your mother? Your roommate? Your food carriers? Your home? Your boss? Its what? It repels any possessive name so I’ll have to keep looking.

We spent life putting tags, but to me only I want one: thank you

1-. By not to get tired of waiting Although they do not know if we will return.

2-. Find us with the look and give us Security in any situation.

3-. For making us feel important in your life.

4-. For receiving us always as if great war.

5-. By sticking to our side on Sunday afternoon while it sounds depressing music.

6-. Say yes to any plan and enjoy it butt.

7-. By not grudge when we go on vacation and you have to stay.

8-. This ability of forget fast the bad.

9-. By not to judge us when we take home pickups meh.

10-. By not hating us strong for not sharing the chocolate Donut.

11-. For teaching us to have fun just with a plastic bottle.

12-. For being our hot water bottle for the kidneys every night.

13-. By do not leave us to die in bed a Saturday morning hangover.

14-. For sharing with us the best plan in the world: do nothing.

15-. To take us to the Park every afternoon and make us laugh without speaking.

16-. For helping to conceal I speak alone.

17-. For being our excuse favorite.

18-. By choosing us as family and make this the closest thing to a home.

19-. By love no more.

20-. For making us so happy.

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January 11, 2018

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