The Humble Bundle Launches a New Pack of Games for Android at The Price You Want

Because we are used to the name Humble Bundle, that time occasionally gives us a package of Android games without DRM at the price you want, being able to make our contribution to go direct to the developers, charities or the organization. Today have returned to offer a pack, but with significant changes with respect to the other promotions.
In the first place is not the Humble Android Bundle, but the Humble Mobile Bundle, a change of name without much sense, remaining only for Android. The other big difference is that they do not offer codes for Steam and versions for PC, which makes it the first bundle which does not have these games for Mac, Windows, or Linux, although these last two already failed to comply them with the bundle of THQ games.
In spite of this, it also offers games that are not exactly independent, but of great developers. The games are as follows:

  • Contre Jour
  • Anomaly Korea
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Bladeslinger
  • Metal Slug 3 (if you exceed the average)
  • The Room(Si superas la media)

Due to the quality of these games, the average contribution is a little high than normal, so when writing these lines is around five dollars and a half, but still compensating. Possibly add more games within a week, as usual, but with this change it can’t be completely safe. Remember that, if well these these games cannot be added to Google Play by the limitations imposed by the platform per the updates will come through the page that you will give when the purchase is made.