The iPhone Remains the Benchmark

When Apple released the original iPhone in 2007 the market was surprised by a disruptive element like no other in the industry and established itself as a beacon guiding element or what smartphones should be from that time.
Clearly, the iPhone, like any other mobile, is not perfect, but it is also true that what has improved in almost every feature has created trend.
And that, not for Apple users, or for those who are not is bad.

The original iPhone was not so much like today as many would think. There was no metal or a good camera even third party applications. However at each iteration terminal Cupertino company it improved and, more importantly, creating trends that then the market was following.
This we have seen in many implementations such as the fingerprint sensor we saw in the iPhone 5S, dual LED flash to improve the quality of night shots or more recently the 3D Touch.
But not everything has been on the added benefits, also in cuts. Apple decided not to include a microSD from the beginning and gradually add many manufacturers although there is still enough to resist such a step. The other major weakness was from birth the impossibility to change the battery easily with a closed design that later imitate many other manufacturers.
This year presumably will the iPhone 7, and regardless of the innovations that have rest assured that many will look to manufacturers that copy, or for inspiration. And that’s not bad.
One rumor that is gaining more strength is that the iPhone will remove the headphone jack jack 3.5 mm, and again will not be the first since the Oppo R5s not had but sure to be the one who can put fashionable.
As a heavy user of bluetooth headphones I do not see a problem but I get the impression that it is irrelevant whether or not it is a good change because many will join the initiative.
Faced with this inertia we can see how mobile now, even the cheapest, fingerprint sensors have acceptable quality, made of aluminum structures that provide it with a much more elegant image displays with rounded edges more comfortable to use …
It is obvious that improvements in R & D are raised in the high ranges of all manufacturers and some even innovate more than Apple but there is no doubt that the American company is the most easily is to get a benefit or an idea and make massive, not so much for the iPhone sold as to make everyone want in their terminals, and that’s what drives brands to offer it as well.
As users we benefit implementations of high – end reach the low end, to use or not an iPhone, because that makes the big manufacturers, Apple included, can not help but improve its more expensive phones to remain distinct from the range more economic.