The Materials of The Google Glass Cost Only $80 According to a Recent Study

The development of the Google Glass continues to advance slowly but surely, and is that the smart glasses of Google, that we could try in the past Google I/O 2013, are heading for become the gadget of the year as Commander of the army of devices wearable that can be.
However, today we bring you a story that has brought enough controversy to the world of the Google Glass, and is that despite that Google sold its device star at a high price of $1,500 in Glass Explorer program, the truth is that the smart glasses could have a quite lower cost, at least with regard to materials and components.
Thus, some recent studies have tried to find out much make ones Google Glass, coming to the conclusion that materials and components of the device are only 79.78 dollars. A conclusion that has already been qualified by how wrong Google.
As shown, the display and the glass Prism that consists of the cost only $3, being the most expensive component the Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 chipset, which reaches the 13.96 USD.
Obviously we must not ourselves be misleading, and it is that the price of materials We must add the cost of the development of the device, the miniaturization of components, Assembly from California and all other processes inherent to the placing on the market of a device.
Copper Google or not the right price for their smart glasses, and despite all the suspicions that have arisen on this type of gadgets, the truth is that Google is not going to stop the machine now, two weeks after upgrading their Google Glass to KitKat and a few months of massive arrival in commercial version.