The Mobile Site Will Announce: This Year's Bug Shot

It’s not all mobile concepts that hits the spot. Sometimes hitting the far, far past. We will announce this year’s worst maveplaskere.
2013 has bid at maveplaskere from both the large incumbent players and from the little ones. Some promised more than they could keep, where other misunderstood what users would have. Who do you think, should run with credit for this year’s new year’s cod?
The nominees are:
Apple iPhone 5 c. Apple has long ruled in the high-end market. Therefore, expectations were high when rumors of a cheaper iPhone proliferated. The result was, as we know, iPhone 5 c-but the price disappointed many and sales lag after the more expensive 5S.
BlackBerry Z10. The Canadian smartphone-giant has soft market shares, since iPhone was for. Skiff should be reversed and Z10 was the top model who should restore the BlackBerry on the smartphone scene. The success did not materialize and BlackBerry are battling ever-with red numbers.
HTC First. Facebook and smartphones just fit well together. It meant HTC and Facebook too, and therefore the HTC developed First: a smartphone with Facebook’s knitted version of Android. The recipe seemed reasonable but the consumer verdict was brutal, and the plug was pulled for HTC First just a month after the release.
HTC One Mini. Since rumors about HTC M4 revelled at their peak, there was anticipation of finally getting a flagship in the compact class (in the Although HTC One mini reiterated many of the virtues from the big brother One had guts not quite potent enough to be able to compete with top models.
Lumigon T2. Three years after the first Danish smartphone appeared (Lumigon T1), T2 was ready-and seemed promising at first glance. Here was delicious design details, coupled with a stylish interface. Price and specifications hung on the other hand, let alone together-and it could even not B & O sound rescue.
Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Watch has shown much potential. But success has been limited-whether it is because it needs a daily charge, or because of the few supported phones must assess.
Sony’s cryptic names. Was it something with a Sony Xperia E, C, Z, V, Z1, M, L, T, SP or ZR? Confusing model names are nothing new, but Sony’s naming in 2013 promises confusion to new heights.
You can now help to determine which smartphone that owes the most nitwit beers for 2013. A low ranking here will help to identify the nominees for the crowning of this year’s Mobile by 2013.
You can cast your vote by appointing your favorite below. You need to log in to our desktop website in order to vote.
Write a comment below about why exactly your choice is this year’s wrong-headed.
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