The Most Famous Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are part of the wish list of women all over the world. Some people do not have pity to spend R $ 7,200 in Prada bag model (the new basic line) and who dream of spending $ 3000 on a limited model line. The brands know this, and increasingly invest in the minds of women.
But what the designer handbags have special? Much of desire fueled by women is the name. Using a famous brand and taken for luxury of the closet is what makes a particular designer handbag.But not only that. The brands invest in powerful names to create their models, investigate concepts used and new every collection, filling their pampering hand with noble metals, different designs and even launching a limited thembaprograms to make women crazy.


The imagery of women is also fed up with the way the designer handbags are released. They first appear in parades in fashion weeks, not only in the window. A lower mark places in the windows and a maximum sends release with photos to print. The more or less put ads. Large offer their designs for renewed designers of haute couture and fashion fashion dress their models with clothes to be launched. In the worst case, a famous model will use the first piece that common.
There is also the marketing of the red carpet. Brands from around the world offer their models to wear famous artists in deliveries for free prizes. Did you know that a famous actress with a cluthe Prada hands on Oscars generally do not pay for it? The brands offer their most chic models just by advertising the event. After all, the Oscar, for example, will be broadcast around the world, photographed the right look of models will immortalize. It is worth not charge anything for a famous use their most expensive pieces is not much? Some brands send the item as a gift, ask others to borrow.


The most darlings girls are:
Prada – the brand created in France is one of the most beloved around the world. There are models more “cheap” as its basic models in plain color of R $ 7,000. The fanciest models that not arrive in Brazil can cost $ 40 Mark produces custom models with precious stones that have sold for millions.
Louis Vuitton – so desired is the top of the most copied in the world. Replicas Louis Vuitton run the world, but certainly not the same glamor that an original. The European are made finished by hand, with different cuts and produce traditional models for over 70 years! It is the most sold and also one of the most disputed by luxury.
Chanel – everything comes from the French designer Coco Chanel is fever in the market and works very well. The brand Coco began with comfortable clothes for women at the beginning of the last century, but their pockets are pure glamor and loved. There are many models that are only sold in official stores.
HERMES – not to be confused with some low budget products sold in Brazil. Hermès brand is also darling and became popular enough. It has two lines: one popular and chic and extremely expensive.


Visually, it may even be the same. But there are some points to consider before buying a generic designer handbag. The first point is: fake bag is crime. Copy a trademark and use as original crime is both for sellers and for the buyer. Of course, who manufactures commits a more serious crime, but also to buy.
And though it may be the same, never be the same. An original designer handbag is made to last a long time, has no loose embroidery very tips and their closures are highly resistant. Purse unlined, no quality and name printed instead of embroidered with recorded in highly secure metal is not original for sure. You pay for the cheapest model, but the quality of a designer handbag replica is compatible with its price.