The 'Pigalle' of Zara Cause Sensation

One of the Classic shoes Super French firm and Christian Louboutin they are its famous Pigalle. They go with everything and just by the fact of carrying ones already you dressed from head to toe. Of course, not all we cannot afford having a red-soled in our closet but not that is the reason why we must renounce our dream.

And it is that you for this Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 Zara US launches the same model (how rare!) with a small difference: do not have the sole painted red. A detail that like, but at the end, and after all, what matters most is how.
And many of the bloggers have already yielded to the charms This new footwear which, no doubt, be the King of this season. They cost 49 ’ 95 euros and, sincerely, it is worth paying for them because you know that you will pay off. Personally I have not tried I, so I can not tell if they are comfortable or not.
How to wear them is choice. You can opt for an air trendy as that gives Zina of Fashionvibe with their camouflage skinny and his denim shirt.

With skirt and crazy

The good thing about this type of footwear is that adapts to all, Why is that if want you to give a touch more glam o dress combination with a skirt you get a perfect balance. If you don’t want to give a look very of fix you can add a lumberjack shirt to your outfit.
But if you prefer you can opt for a sweatshirt as it does Sara collage Vintage. I love the contrast of each garment, making this look perfect for the days prior to Christmas. What do you think?
In love as I am of this pair of stilettos?