The PlayStation 4 Will Incorporate Game Streaming Devices with Android

A few hours ago has been announced to the public the long-awaited PlayStation 4, the new Sony console. In addition to its power and support from developers, one of the functions that most was speculation was the game in streaming, that functionality at the end has been confirmed to be compatible with Android devices.
The procedure is very simple: using the PlayStation 4 Server console and our phone or tablet as a receiver, you can play various games using your mobile phone anywhere, without necessarily using the TV. This technology is not new, as there were games that used it in the PlayStation 3 along with the PlayStation Vita and already used a similar procedure with the Wii U.
However, this is the first time that Sony offers this possibility to smartphones. The big question is what mobile can take advantage of this technology. We have two cases: the first is that Sony decides to give support to all terminals, an option that would ensure a great attraction for those who already enjoy these terminals.
The second is that they operate only with PlayStation-certified devices, that would give more value to their Xperia range but it look like her somewhat more limited audience. This option does not seem the most likely, since that will also be launching this same option for users of iOS, so this second assumption is almost out of the question.
The console will be available at Christmas, but have not offered details of when this service will be launched or if it would even out United States via rights issues. Whatever it is, we will have to wait until the information comes to light.