the Return of Vintage Denim Jacket

Hello divas dear, how are you!?
You know those jaquetinhas jeans that I wore the hell out of me in 1000-900-and-formerly!? OK … not so back in the day.. in 2003-2005 we used. But after that they fell into oblivion … Remember?
Well.. now they are coming back! I say and I repeat that I love these comings and goings of fashion. I loved the back of the heel of thin beak (had to post here on the blog) and now it is the turn of jaquetinhas jeans.
The is now giving a more stylish and the most current looks, let’s see some inspirations!?
Despite practicing detachment and donate a lot you don’t use (or for), I saved 2 jackets jeans. I couldn’t get rid of them and, luckily, they still serve! RS Are the time when I was about 14-15 years and, as were big ones, still fit in my chubby little arms! RS a while ago even pondered the idea to customize one of them in all, just to enjoy the play jeans … but the sloth was bigger, I admit! RS
I know that everyone should now be there wondering if you have any lost recess calling him Jacques strap at home, or asking yourself: “why got rid of my”!! RS
I’m going to use my already before they “get lost” again!!! RS