The Right Bra Size for You

A recent study has shown that only 30% of women were wearing the right bra size. However your bra is comfortable and is discrete under clothing if you choose the appropriate size.

  1. Your Bra made of folds?Well cups wrap the chest?

You have chosen a too big Cap. For there is no folds or gathers, the CAP must properly enclose breast.

  1. The Edge of the BRA Cup chest?

It is the sign of a too small cap. It cuts the chest in an unsightly way, with consequence effect ‘double chest’. There is no mark at the level of the upper edge of the bonnet.

  1. The BRA was in the back?

You have chosen a round too much back. If the dorsal band is not well adjusted in the back, your support-throat does not provide optimal support. The back goes back under the weight of your chest. The back is level and properly adjusted.
BOARD: Take your size at least once a year.
Many factors have an impact on your body and, therefore, on your chest: pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or simply age.
Where the importance of asking to take your size at least once a year.Or better: you seek advice on buying any new bra. To be certain that you are wearing the right size bra.
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