The Spanish Footwear is Renewed, Continues the New Brands

The industry of footwear in Spain is very powerful. Despite the crisis, the Spanish footwear survives thanks to the export. Apart from the already established brands there are aires of renewal within the world of Spanish footwear.

New brands and designers produced a new type of shoe and as a curious point all have headquarters in Barcelona. Shoes that look to craftsmanship, timeless pieces, made by hand and with many design.

About Arianne

About Arianne is headquartered in Barcelona, but his shoes are made in Elda (Alicante). Timeless designs, handmade and natural materials. The philosophy of the firm seeks comfort and design without losing one iota of personality.


Naguisa is a footwear brand that was born in Barcelona in the year 2012. Your shoes combine design and comfort. Your footwear is made using traditional methods. Its creators are investigating new materials that complement the esparto. Its strong point are espadrilles.

Deux Souliers

#2 sandal Brown British Green from Deux Souliers on Vimeo.
Deux Souliers is also a Catalan brand of shoes that your adventure begins in the year 2010. Your shoes are looking for avant-garde and craftsmanship. His designs emphasize on the details: modifying skins, seams guarnicioneras and precise finishes.

De Ubieta

De Ubieta shoes are made by hand in his workshop in Barcelona. Each shoe is almost Edition limited and different from one another. They also make accessories such as backpacks and taught courses on footwear. Visit her Tumblr to see how they made their shoes.