The Summer Will Be Casual – with the Spring-Summer Collection of Babista Blue

When the days are getting warmer, spring cleaning is the norm in many households.Our recommendation for this is this year: do not clean the closet instead of window cleaning.Then you will have more room for the new collection of Babista Blue, which we present to you today.Look forward to narrow and comfortable cuts as well as modern designs, from the used look to the print shirt – all of course in the usual high quality.

From New Make Old

The more so, the more dolls – this proverb is not only for people, but also for the design of the spring-summer-collection of Babista Blue, we took it to heart and put on many vintage style.Special ablutions and dyeing techniques give the sweaters, shirts and co-optics an individual look, which looks as if you had gone with them by wind and weather.Whether you really want to jump into the adventure or want to wear it at home, at work or at the next summer party, of course, is up to you.As much as nature may lend itself to one or other excursion in the summer, the new collection not only appeals visually, but also in terms of comfort.So it would not be reprehensible if you just slip into it and give yourself a break.

The Colors of Summer

For those who can hardly wait to make the city and country unsafe as soon as the temperatures invite, we have brought a few recommendations.Summer is the time of bright colors.This is the perfect match for our new vintage-look trousers, which are in a good mood.One or two models in the wardrobe and you are well prepared for everything summer.You can choose between traditional variants – for example, in beige or blue, which actually fit to everything – or you put courage on color and decide for example for summery petrol or white.White is quite a topic that you will not get around this year.White trousers are real all-rounder and spray as an absolute summer flair as Bermuda.The ideal combination of these are jeans shirts, simple polo shirts or tops with all-round printing, but also strong colors they are perfectly suited for.A real hit in this season is Orange, which makes so many shells an eye-catcher.

Feel Good

By the way, the used look, which will hopefully inspire you just as much as us, goes hand in hand with Babista Blue with another special feature.Many of the current collection pieces are pre-washed, which not only gives them the unique look, but also ensures that the fabric is particularly soft and firm.So you not only look good, but also feel so.Also high comfort promises high-quality cotton qualities and light linen fabrics, which are made for the summer.They are robust and breathe-active: the bicycle tours, barbecue and trips to nature can come!
You will find much more novelties from the Babista-Blue collection »in the shop .We wish you a lot of fun while browsing and are curious: Which article will be your new summer favorite?