These Are The Capabilities of The Adreno 420 Onboard The Snapdragon 805

At the end of last year, Qualcomm had Snapdragon 805, an update on the most powerful chipset from last year, which basically brought a couple of changes: some nuclei Krait 450 slightly improved to contain large frequency consumption, and one renewed Adreno GPU 420 If it throws benefits at the graphic level.
And it is that the sky is the limit when we talk about power, there are always ways to get out of this. Of course, Qualcomm knows that selling us that 40% extra performance on the Adreno 330, and with this in mind has brought the couple of videos which you can see below.
With this in mind, Qualcomm speaks from the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco about the ability to dynamically increase the number of polygons represented by hardware, which increases the level of detail in graphical modeling.
Also a demo of the graphics engine is picked Unreal Engine 4, from Epic Games, in which we see a high level of detail in urban and natural landscapes, that remains to be seen in action with interaction on it. Let us remember that Nvidia now says move quite above the performance of consoles last generation with its Tegra K1 table, so do not should be Qualcomm with their Adreno?
Of course the great challenge now is to move on increments of power moving in a factor two, year-to-year, at the same time that keeps the energy consumption at Bay, and more with the next screens in Quad HD resolution that are just around the corner.