These Mobiles Are Coming in May

The month of may offers a trio of news from China’s Huawei and new X-model from Sony.
The month of May and the spring is jump-started with good weather and news from China and Japan. Chinese Huawei is ready with a larger Spring collection in their P9 series, HTC is launching a new flagship, while Sony is initiating the sale of their own trio of X-mobiles.

Huawei P9

Chinese Huawei has created an ambitious mobile with P9. It combines namely a refined metal exterior, with a special dual camera signed by the German camera specialists from Leica.
Huawei P9 offers at the same time at 5.2 “Full HD display, a powerful processor, 32 GB storage and practical features as USB C charger and a quick fingerprint reader. As is typical for the company is the price also sharp, with a debut price of 4,000 dollars.
Results therefore also ends with convincing, and the cell phone running with ‘Topmobil’ rating on this page.
Huawei P9 comes either in silver or dark grey.

Huawei P9 Plus

Would you like more space and a touch screen Huawei later this month, is ready with a big brother to the Huawei P9, dubbed P9 Plus.
Here you get a larger display at 5.5 inch which is accompanied by a total of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage space. For the larger display now follows stereo sound and touch screen technology which, like in Apple’s iPhone 6S, provides quick access to certain application functions.
P9 Plus comes in dark grey to approximately 5,300 dollars. Presale has already started with expected delivery around the 20. may.

Huawei P9 Lite

P9 Lite is the latest and cheapest family member in the P9 series and it is the successor to one of Huaweis most popular phones ever, P8 Lite.
The features like P9 a great 5.2 “Full HD display, but must make do with a more usual 13 megapixel camera.
Under the bonnet you will find again an octa-core processor, but this time from Huaweis more economical Kirin 650 series. The RAM is also screwed down from 3 to 2 GB, while the storage space is halved to 16 GB.
P9 Lite can be pre-ordered now, but gets first debut at the very end of the month to about 2,250 kronor.The will is available in either black, white or gold.

HTC 10

The Taiwanese design manufacturer is in the year out with a brand new name and design to afløserenfor the company’s One-topmobiler.
This year is called toptelefonen in short, 10, and the lures in the usual HTC-tradition with a delicious cut metal, top-performance-and, some think, an ambitious camera.
Now have HTC 10 over a top scorer of a camera with 12 megapixels and optical stabilization both in front of and behind.
The evolution of One-design means, however, that HTC will no longer have its two strong Boom-sound speakers on the front. The audio file output to the headset fails, however, still nothing.
HTC 10 come in gray or silver and debuts on the market today for indicative 5,999 crowns.

Sony Xperia X

Last majnyhed stands for Sony, where the company around the monthly switched will debut afløserne to their Z-series of toptelefoner.
The first member of the upcoming X-trio is Xperia X that will combine an advanced 23MP camera with fast focus with a new design in clean brushed metal.
Forces provided by Qualcomm’s sub-top, a Snapdragon processor 650 hexa-core which is assisted by 3 GB RAM. Xperia X comes with 32 GB storage for apps and games.
Xperia X will like the other X-mobiles offer a 5 inch display.
A presale price sounds at just over 4,200 crowns, with launch just around the monthly switched.