Things in Your Closet You Should Get Rid of

Woman and shopping is always winning equation. But very often, more skeletons in our closets we have than I could imagine, and must discard it immediately! Here is a guide in 10 points to understand what are the errors (and horrors!) More frequent fashion and how to get rid of it immediately with no regrets.
“I have nothing to wear”. There it was, on time, clear, feared more than all the ten plagues of Egypt combined. The phrase that every woman on the planet ruling at least once a month sighing mournfully in front of his locker and opened that shakes billion husbands, boyfriends, parents even Leonidas that “screams This is Sparta!” Succeed in the ears of succeeding the same effect.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the question is always the same: no wardrobe of any woman in the world will never be sufficiently full of clothes, shirts, skirts, bags, shoes and everything else the good things that the gods of fashion give us season after season, pace of the portfolios and credit cards that are relieved as quickly as to fade Silvan.
There will always be a nicer shirt than the old ones and a little faded sadly we see dangling from hangers in our wardrobe, a dress longer matched the 200 we already have, a pant that surely will help us more because “this will really put with all, it is to go to work that out with her ​​friends”; is a kind of physical law, any dress you have will seem suddenly more ugly, sloppy and useless as soon as you lay eyes on one end that spark winking from the window of the shop in front of which steps every day. How to say see your man look like Lino Banfi as soon passes the spot of Johnny Depp on television.
But in the end, we never really tried to look into our closet? Because, more often than you think, there can be surprises (and horrors) really unexpected. What we should do before turning to fill it to capacity would be completely empty and rid of all those leaders that do not serve us, to all those wretched style falls that for months, years, we have tried to wall behind stacks of t-shirts but in actually only they need to reach the nearest trash bin.
This list, of which some points are based on an article in Cosmopolitan will become your new handbook: if identified some (or all) of the leaders listed below in your closet immediately run to disfarvene! You still have time to become the girls with a perfect wardrobe!