This Spring Nobody without a Crabeater Seals on the Feet

Campaign spring-summer 2013 from Uterqüe
The crabeater seals they are shoes that since I use of reason are present in my mind. And that is not synonym to that you use or are in my locker. Nothing to do. Although I recognize that small I loved to go to the Beach and splashing in the water with a couple of these from plastic (who didn’t have one?) for fear of nail you for something.

Today he linked them with the typical touristy, indeed, I think of them and displayed the dreaded white sock in my mind. But this year promises to be the stronger trend as far as footwear concerns, so we have to look at them through different eyes. That Yes, the forms (and materials) change & #8230;

For every day

And is that you already know that in this fashion everything is unpredictable. The most remote and strange things can become the must of the time, and that same hapasado this year with these shoes. The materials are varied: from skin, passing through studs, Plastic, chains and other tissues. The colors you wish to the same as There’s so much where choose You’ll be a good time to decide with what you get.

  • Emulating snake skin of Topshop, 36 euros.
  • Flat with chains detail of Zara, 49,95 EUR.
  • Plastic of Topshop, 26 euros.
  • Closed from River Island, 40 pounds.
  • Skin and pointed of Pull & Bear, 59.99 EUR.
  • Flat in mauve color of ASOs, 37,76 euros.
  • With Golden studs of Zara, 39.95 EUR.

For those that cannot be rolled back heels

But there is one thing that is clear, many do not want to spreading of heels. firms are aware of this and present models in heel of all kinds: higher than others, more coarse or fine, etc. with which version going to be?

  • The wooden-soled shoes of Uterqüe, 129 euros.
  • Thin heel and Golden’s ASOs, 54 euros.
  • Heel in silver color of Zara, 65,95 EUR.

You are going to? into temptation from the crabeater seals?