This Summer Don't Miss Your Esparto Wedges

Comes the heat and our feet ask for freedom, therefore we provide them stylish sandals that help us achieve the perfect outfit. With the heat we tend to choose models flat and comfortable, but often need a little bit of heel For more formal looks (or simply want to walk on the heights). Is where the esparto wedges: the official shoe of summer days is installed in our closet to stay a few months.

Combined with fabric, leather, tacks and in tones of different sceneries. There are many models that we find and much more the variety of styles. Thus depending on our style we will choose one or the other. What you need to? We are sure that in the end you just finding it…

  • In black with combined sole of Zara TRF, 29.99 euros.
  • In coral color of White, 29.99 euros.
  • With the combined sole and Studs from Miss Selfridge, 72 euros.
  • Black Lace of Steve Madden, 86,16 euros.
  • Style peep toe of Mango, 17,99 EUR.
  • Red’s CJG by Topshop, 135 euro.
  • With Aztec details of New Look, 39,75 euros.
  • In nude and Heron type of Uterqüe, 69.95 EUR.