This Week’s Outfit

This week we offer a dress code where gray is the basis. In autumn, it has talked much about accents, which certainly can liven up the otherwise fairly sober clothes. Sometimes it can be nice to follow the advice of the grey eminensen and skip strong contrasts in favor of exclusively earthy colors.

Rock Topman (approx. 1080 kr)–Upholstery is based on this militärinspirerade overcoat in a grey and rather heavy fabric. Although it is usually worthwhile to prioritise a little more expensive rock, it’s hard to resist this double-breasted version with stylish details in form of black leather buttons, sleeves and shoulder straps.

Suit Pants Acne (£ 1300)–a pair of suit pants can be worn without a jacket. This will be a contrast to the otherwise pretty rocking style.

Sweater (H & M 398kr)-chunky knit sweaters are both warm and extremely comfortable. Prettiest wont be having a shirt.

Of Boots Your Shoe (£ 380)–personally I prefer a pair of dressy boots in front of this a bit more militärinspirerade, but to this dress fits the undoubtedly great.

Weekendbag Topman (about $400), a good-looking and easy weekend bag may help with this week’s dose of accessories.

Kashmirvantar Black (approx. 295 SEK)–a pair of leather gloves and a pair of wool fabric is a perfect base in the closet. Ullvantarna is comfortable to wear at a slightly more casual attire and can even make a fairly dressy style a bit more relaxed.

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September 23, 2017

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