Three Good Chinese Smartphones Less Than 250 euros

In recent months we have been discussing FAQs, Android many Chinese mobile some of which have greatly attracted our attention.
Of all we’ve tested, and we are testing, we decided to highlight three that we crave a great choice bearing in mind that the maximum budget we have chosen are the 250 €, a figure that approximates the average expenditure per Mobile in Spain.

As always, the choice of a mobile depends on many factors but in our selection have prevailed, especially the value.

Meizu M2 Note

The first of the elect is the Meizu M2 Note, a very balanced mobile in which stands out above all a great drummer and a great stability and fluidity of the system. It is the longest of the three and has his successor is already here, the Meizu Metal but the cost of the terminal makes a great recommendation remains.

Redmi Xiaomi Note 2

In this first model the response from Xiomi was the Xiaomi redmi Note 2, a terminal slightly more expensive but still very affordable especially considering that mounts the star processor Mediatek midrange, the Helio X10 makes it is one of the most fluid mobile we have analyzed.

Xiaomi Mi4c

If five inches of the previous two models are too many for us we always look with better eyes Xiaomi Mi4c, a mobile with a known processor, the Snapdragon 808, and an interesting balance that also does not prevent innovate in areas such as USB connector type C, the infrared sensor or control frames touches on the screen .
The price of these terminals is below the 250 € but among them there are also price difference as you can see below. Also, if pulsáis in each terminal you can see their specifications, salient features, links and video analysis.