Three Interesting Headphones for Any Mobile

Many mobile analyzed in FAQs Android but also tried accessories that are normally for more mobile than those with Google’s operating system.
In particular today we will speak of three products that have been proven over the last few months and that can serve for any current mobile operating system independent with, and even if they are not smartphones, but need bluetooth if we get all the possible match.

We speak three headphones have a very good value: August EP650 Bluetooth with NFC, AUDIOMAX HB-8A Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless and Xiaomi piston 3.

August EP650 Bluetooth with NFC

The August EP650 earphones are available in six colors with good workmanship and excellent sound quality while it is true that have raised serious thing. Its design is quite elegant and not too heavy. They have Bluetooth and NFC.

HB-8A AUDIOMAX Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless

Very similar to the above but with better build quality, brushed metal and a slightly higher weight. As others have connection bluetooth and NFC to synchronize our mobile but can also work with cable.

Xiaomi Piston 3

The latter are simple, high-quality headphones manufactured by Xiaomi. The Piston 3 have introduced more expensive headphones come with multiple pairs of pads and have a clean and clear sound. They are, by far, the cheapest of which we bring you today.