Tie and Shirt Pattern Combinations

Tie is quite popular male “attribute” which also plays an important role and has a particular purpose. Tie can talk about social status, financial status, character and values ​​of its owner.
Psychologists have conducted a number of tests, trying to typified the character of the man, depending on his preferences regarding the choice of ties. Here are some of the conclusions that are reached:

Tie Flowers

Most charismatic representatives of the stronger sex prefer this particular tie. They are good, romantic, sociable, they will not deny help to those in distress. Often the soul of the company, especially women, as they are gallant and have a strong sense of humor.

As a rule, these are people of creative professions or men with a passionate passion or hobby. They turn a blind eye to the troubles of real life and striving for harmony, often living in an illusory world. It is desirable woman who chooses such a man to be independent and is standing firmly on their feet (including financially).

Tie Patterns

Men who wear ties of small figurines, diamonds and other ornaments are usually modest and inconspicuous. They rarely fall into fits of rage and almost never performed uncontrollable actions.
Never lost her composure, always act calmly and consciously. Paradoxically, it is this trait of their character – complete equanimity – sometimes the most irritating of all women. They expect to see a more masculine emotional reaction to various events and even adventurous actions. This type of men are not capable of adventures and improvisations, but so they can be solid support in a relationship. Check Collegesanduniversitiesinusa.com for fashion tie clips.

Single Colored Tie

Better stay away from these men. Especially by those who prefer ties with gray, beige or black. They are dark natures born bureaucrats. What does this important male attribute – tie and “stationery mice”. They are meticulous in their actions, straightforward, strictly comply with the laws. Sometimes quite intrusive and that it said that it is easier to their surrender than to explain why they do not want that.
But there are those moments when communicating with them can be of great benefit. For example, after offensive infidelity or betrayal by another man, the woman should take a breath, “lick their wounds” and this is easiest when next to her a man who is absolutely consistent and predictable interpersonal relations. It can be sure will never get this type of man treacherous stab in the back. All he is going to do is the result of endless premeditation. The woman only need to have the patience needed to hear.

Tie Large and Small Dots

This type of men are persistently strive towards its goal. They are always ready for the defense have tremendous performance and a pretty big ego. They can work a lifetime at one place only if job you dreamed all his life. And they mostly dream of autonomy and the option to make decisions in your life.
Men of this type are joviality, lively and sociable. They are perfect friends. If they find the woman of his life, they will be faithful to her grave.
Moreover, they are true and reliable friends who know what they meant by “male friendship”.

Striped Tie

It is preferred by conservative people. They are caring, honest and faithful. Not first, in the system of their priorities, there is always work. Without a successful career they can not imagine their existence.
Strict lines of their preferred tie seemed to contribute to the concentration of their attention on business ventures, professional problems and help them plan a successful career. Not in vain, in business, tie strips is considered a symbol of a symbol and a mandatory attribute of a successful businessman. Common problem these men lack a sense of humor.