Tim Cook Teaser for Store Planer i 2014

I en mail har Apples Tim Cook måske afsløret at Apple er klar med større skærme til iPhone og iPad.
Tim Cook, who is the CEO of Apple, just before Christmas sent an email out to all employees. In the mail he reflects over what the company has done in the course of the year, and would like to thank employees for their hard at the same time efforts. It writes our site.
The content of the message is not discernible in the sense interesting, but Tim Cook concludes with an interesting choice of words, which now brings the rumor mill in turn around next year’s bid on the iPhone and iPad.
It is the words “We have a lot two look forward two in 2014, including some big plans that we think customers are going to love” which therefore suggests that big plans = large units = larger displays.
Much has happened since Steve Jobs
The former Apple chief Steve Jobs was very stuck on product-portfolio as the company offered. He was quoted as saying that an iPad Mini would fail, which you not just can say about the model.
Tim Cook chosen so a new direction for the iPad, and all rumors indicate that now also comes a larger model of the popular tablet.
So far, Apple has increased the screen size to 4 “on their iPhone with the core value maintained that the iPhone still must be operable with one hand, but the fact is that Apple is losing customers who just want a bigger screen to their content.
Thus, it would also be likely that Apple now bowing to the demand, as with the launch of the iPad Mini, and offers the popular smartphone with larger screen that can prevent clients from searching for competitors’ alternatives.
Tim Cook’s choice of words can of course also simply refer to a future smart-watch or maybe the infamous sequel to Apple TV, that can revolutionize the way we watch tv on.
Nothing is certain, but what do you hope to Tim Cook’s “Big plans” refer to?