Tip: Get the Week Number on Your iPhone with the Calendar from Our Site

The calendar from our site has the complete collection of content to your iPhone calendar. And it’s free.
Since the iPhone was introduced, it has received criticism for the always, lack of week numbers.
The developers have so exploited, and offers calendar-app-alternatives with information embedded.
However, it is not necessary to use another app, as it is possible to subscribe to calendars with information, which then pops up in the “Calendar” app on iOS device. 
However, not all who know about the option.
It is also not all that know that you can just ask Siri.
The problem is, however, that more of the available calendars have several information and often duplicate one another, so that, for example, “Christmas Eve” appears several times. It can therefore be a mess!
The calendar from our site saves the day
That is precisely why our site has assembled a complete calendar, which you can install for free.
The calendar “Our site” is at the time of writing updated up to and including the year 2020 and include:
-The week number as a full day event during every Monday
-Holidays (new year’s day, Maundy Thursday, good Friday, Easter Monday, 2. Prayer, Easter Sunday, Ascension, Pentecost, 2. Whit Sunday, Christmas day and 2. On Christmas day.
-Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
-Daylight Saving Time Start & End Daylight Saving Time
-Christmas Eve, new year’s Eve, Martinmas Eve, Palm Sunday, Valentine’s day, Epiphany, Sankthansdag, Carnival, the Queen’s birthday, Denmark’s Liberation, Constitution day.
-International Women’s Day & International Workers ‘ Day
-Equine & Solstice
There should be thought of it all.
How to get fat on your calendar
As mentioned then it is quite free. According to PerComputer.com, the only thing you need to do from your iOS device is to:
-Start by pressing the link here
-Is obtained, after a moment, an overview of the calendar items that you can add by pressing “add all”.
-You can add all the items to an existing calendar, or create a new one. I recommend that you create a new one, and in this way keeps “UROur site”-separated from your private calendar.
-Do you use in advance iCloud or another skytjeneste, you of course also have the option to add it there.
It was this! Now you have plenty of content, and you can of course use the link on all your iOS devices.
Should you wish to find out how upcoming Easter is can you, as our site has previously described, use Search (magnifying glass) from the Calendar app.
But you can also just use Spotlight. It gets you, by placing your finger on the home screen of your iOS device, and drag downwards.
So should there be track of it once and for all.