Tip: How to Get the iPhone to Read Aloud

The causes are individual, but the steps in getting your iPhone or iPad to read aloud, is still the same.
Perhaps you know someone who can’t read, but who still want to know what it says in the mails, messages and perhaps on websites. Or maybe you’ve got an important email that you would like just to read through in the car on the way to work.
Precisely for this reason will our site display now an old feature that found its way to iOS devices back in 2011 with iOS 5 that not without reason is called “Read the selected up”. The function can, in Danish, read out text you select, and therefore have no limitations in that sense. It may be marked so that it can be read as a general rule.
Start therefore on your iOS device to go in:
-Read the selected up
-Turn off “Read the selected up”.
Below we will just see the few customizable feature offers.
Cast: Here you can adjust the individual languages. By activating this function, the iOS device per automatic install “improved quality” for the languages that you have installed keyboards. So not an option you as such must deal with.
Speech speed: Here can you shoot the slider back and forth, and thereby find the desired speech speed, as upcoming readings will take place with.
Highlight words: This can therefore select the word that is read. In an email, you will then be able to keep up with how far the speech is in the content itself.
So is it just to try it out. The voice will certainly add a robot-like sensation to your content, but is, however, a cool feature when you need to multitask.
The messages going so easily as a lightweight. The voice will also read description of any emoji symbols, and it can be a little entertaining to listen to.
Mails are performing the function also. Select the text and press “Read up”.
Your iPhone is of course also deliverable in a reading of the articles on our site or other text on the Web.
Yes works all over the places, so it’s just to get started.