Tip: How to Get Your Fingers in the Moto G

Moto G got the mobile page’s warmest recommendation but are not marketed in Denmark yet-how to obtain the test winner today.
Price have taken over from Motorola Moto G got the coveted six out of six stars in our testing, but even though it is extremely sought after in Europe, where the topper in Amazon’s sales list, it is not to be found in the Danish online shopping yet. We show you here how to download price bomb home, and how to ensure you have full warrenty.
Find the right online shop
As a starting point is our site a saved Web store. The page is English language, have a high degree of buyer protection and when it is all there, you are protected under the EU-warrenty-the same as in the Danish sale of goods Act.
Our site covers two types of stores: Amazon Prime, as is Amazon’s own online shop and Amazon partners who are independent businesses that sell through Amazon. It is recommended to shop through Amazon Prime, for it is with the business that Amazon was world renowned for their service. The shipping price is typically also lower here.
Motorola Moto (G) can be acquired by clicking on the link below.
Fair price for Moto G 8 GB including shipping: 1349.0-NOK.
Fair price for Moto G 16 GB including shipping: 1531.0-NOK.