Tip: Set Input-Turbo on Your iPhone

Probably there is no possibility for installation of other keyboards on iOS devices, but it is not the only solution for quick entry.
New iPhone customers usually must get used to the keyboard on the popular Apple mobile, and many will be surprised that it is generally not possible to install an alternative.
Precisely for this reason will our site just show some small tweaks that can streamline entry considerably.
Several languages require more keyboards
It hands you must enter words in English or maybe a different language, and here it is annoying that the spell checker corrects the word you wish to embody.
The problem can be easily solved, however, by installing the desired keyboard. Go therefore in:
-Press “add new keyboard, and add the wanted keyboards.
In the future you will now quickly be able to switch keyboard when entering on the globe icon. If you want to use smiley faces and other icons, you must remember to install “Emoji symbols”.
Use “SHORTCUTS” as short cuts
Let’s say that you are sick and tired of entering your full email address or anything else. Therefore, I will now show how you can teach your iOS device to insert the entire fuss when entering a map shortcut. Go, therefore, again in:
-Now Press “add new shortcut …”
-You now need to fill the “Expression” which is the word or phrase you want to create a shortcut to.
-Now you need to define a shortcut which produces the aforementioned “Expression”. Here I have chosen “em”.
So the next time the address must be entered, I can settle for the shortcut and press the space key to insert.