Tip: Use the "Night Mode" When You Geeks in the Evening

When the downward adjustment of brightness not rows, can an old trick to quickly give your iOS device “Night Mode” properties.
When the light in the bedroom is off, and you just have to have read an article done on the Web, so can often be annoying light on your smartphone, even when it is Dim at the lowest strength.
That is precisely why would our site remind iOS users on the “Invert colors”, which in a snap can make the color white to black, and vice versa.
The cool thing is that the function works anywhere in the system, so there are no limitations to take into consideration. Well, let’s get started. Start on your iOS device to go in:
-Scroll now completely off the bottom and press “Accessibility shortcut”.
Info: Accessibility shortcut is a shortcut to the functions that can be accessed by tapping three times on the button HOME.
-Therefore here to make sure there is a check mark next to “Invert colors”.
So, are you ready!
When you want to use this feature simply hit three times on the home button and then the “Night mode” enabled! Press three times on home button again to disable.