Tips for Buying Pillows

Most pillows support the neck inadequate and leave so sag cervical spine. The fluidized press therefore on one side against the other and so clamp a nerve. To prevent this, the muscles used to bring the neck vertebrae in a favorable position. However, This results in tension, because the muscles had to work all night. If pillows, mattress and slatted frame fit perfectly together, they keep the spine in the ideal state, namely in accordance with the natural course. Only in this way the muscles are relieved and the spine can relax at night – this is particularly important in a seated occupation!

Finding The Optimal Cushion

The variety of pillows and blankets-also be found on the page – is now greater than ever before. However, there are a few rules of thumb for the right pillow. Least every five years should a new pillow purchased are. The 80 × 80 feather pillow cases custom, although cuddly, but not recommended. Experts recommend the smaller 40 × 80 fiber pillows. Who folds the pillow should be around later rather high place the back part of the slatted base instead of the 80 × 80 Pillow fold . Back sleepers should use a flat pillow, stomach sleeper need a special pillow and should seek advice. Mixed sleepers require a pillow that the sleeping position adapts constantly. It is important that the cushion the neck in any sleeping position perfectly supported and the spine is in its natural position.

Tips for Purchasing

If only one pillow to be purchased, treatment similar to the domestic mattress must be selected for testing in the business. One should prefer to go shopping in the morning, because at night like each pad.The testing should last 15-30 minutes per pillow and the location of the spine has to be checked by an outsider, even one can unfortunately not be determined exactly.